Never in her heart,

a loving soul touched.

Nor compliments

enter her ears.


Faking happy

is a routine,

every smile

is convincing.


What always felt

was sharp of tongue

and hear nothing

that blooms the heart.


For every step

a thorn was felt,

blood pours

from the break.


She felt numb,

and tears flow dry.

From wound

scars formed.


Until it hardens,

so is the heart.

And from the scars,

she will always remember.



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Dads Are Underrated Too

Like a shade from the hot sun, and boots from the puddles,

Dads are underrated too.

We go around praising our mothers,

We forgot they contribute too.


Like Rain, and  Street Art,

Dads are underrated too.

Our eyes are tricked by their brawny imagery,

and we are one with that culture.


Like pancakes, and newly sharpened pencils,

Dads are underrated too.

They overworked to put extra on the table,

Yet we complain about what’s offered.


Like people’s smiles and light conversations,

Dads are underrated too.

There are first super hero,

Then we grow our own wings and let go.


Like kittens, and free hugs,

Dads are underrated too.

Don’t be fooled by the muscles,

they’re soft inside too.


Like the things that make you happy but often become unnoticed,

Dads are underrated too.

They need our appreciations,

just like we do.